2 07 2012

The last couple weeks have been a little crazy as I’ve made another big change with work.  I started a new job with a network of farms for refugees.  The organization provides space and training for refugees to learn agricultural skills (or use the skills they already have) as a way to provide supplemental income for their families.  My job is to take the produce from all the different growers and sell it at a few different Farmer’s Markets.  I am very excited about the position and am enjoying it so far!


On the homestead front, it’s been a little crazy trying to figure out my new schedule and how to balance that with all my farming work at home, but the garden keeps on growing and the animals keep on eating.  I’ve got 50+ peaches sitting on my kitchen table that will hopefully be processed into salsa and whatever else I can come up with today.  Our tomato plants are ripening like crazy.  I have several bags of paste tomatoes in the freezer waiting till I have enough to make sauce.  The heat here has been stifling the last few days, so I need to make sure all the plants have enough water to survive, and I’m rotating the rabbits between a cage indoors and their hutch outside so they don’t overheat.  The tilapia have grown enough now that we can more easily see them in the tank darting around.  I need to start some more plants for the grow bed since we lost most of them while trying to figure out the pump and timing system.  The bigger the tilapia get the more important it is to have plenty of plants in the grow bed filtering the water.



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